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Works on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers


I found the web placement app really easy to use at a brilliant price. I managed to use my iphone to keep my work experience diary up to date.

Sally Foster, Sheffield

I kept a full record of my time on work experience using my iphone. .

Kyle , Nottingham

My Work Placement is a web application designed by  to provide learners of all ages with a unique way of keeping a live record of their experiences whilst on a work placement from any mobile phone, tablet  or computer.


Introducing My Work Placement



If you are a student, or a school / college tutor, this short video will show you all you need to know about using My Work Placement.




Record your work placement online

Record your work experience wherever you are using a smartphone, computer or tablet.

There are no booklets or paper notes to carry around and no risk of losing your records.

Use it for free or upgrade for extra features

You can start using my-work-placement right away for free.

Once registered, you can choose to upgrade for just £1.50 and add unlimited diary entries and photos, include a supervisor assessment and complete a Work Based Project.

» Compare the Free and Paid Plans

Print your final record

Print your work placement record and store it with your CV or résumé as evidence of your time on work experience. You can also download your record as a pdf

You can also share your work placement record with employers or friends online through Facebook or email.

Assess and evaluate your experiences

Access information to support your work experience, including Personal targets, Preparing for interview and Health and Safety.

Users on the paid plan can complete an additional Work Based Project with access to over 400 work based project ideas from fourteen business areas.

  • Business administration and finance
  • Construction and the built environment
  • Creative and media
  • Engineering
  • Environmental and land-based studies
  • Hair and beauty studies
  • Hospitality     
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing and product design
  • Public services
  • Retail business
  • Society health and development
  • Sports and active leisure
  • Travel and tourism


Supervisor Assessment (Paid Plan only)

Include an assessment from your supervisor on your record.

You can send a request through the website to your supervisor's email adress. Your supervisor’s response is then added automatically to your assessment record.

Discounts for Schools and Colleges

Schools and colleges may purchase a licence for students to use the fully featured version for 12 months as follows:

Single Group licence
£45 for up to 100 students + £25 for each additional 100 students

  • For school or college supervisors with a single group of students going on work experience. This licence enables supervisors to monitor their students attendance and progress remotely on a day to day basis

Multigroup licence
£80 for up to 100 students + £35 for each additional 100 students

  • This licence provides the opportunity to identify separate groups within a school or college to be monitored by individual supervisors (course tutors etc.) as with the single group licence, while also allowing co-ordination by a manager with overall responsibilities for all work experience.

Free 30 day trial for Schools and Colleges
Click here to request a free trial licence for up to 5 students to use My Work Placement for 30 days.

For more information and to purchase a licence, click here

my work experience Plus! for Schools and Colleges

my work experience Plus! uses the My Work Placement web app for recording a student’s work experiences, with supporting website plus other materials to deliver the NCFE Level 2 Award in Developing Skills for the Workplace.

Receive these resources free when you register your students for the NCFE Level 2 Award in Developing Skills for the Workplace.

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